3 Of The Worst Words Used In Business




These by far are the worst words use by people in business and yet, they use them everyday.   And then they have the audacity to wonder why they’re stressed out about the economy, worried about their businesses or continuously contemplate going back to work for someone else.  It’s because they haven’t eliminated these three words from their vocabulary.  At the very least, reduced how often they used these words.

Job is probably the worst word on the list (hence, why it’s at the top).  Nobody likes their job. I’ve never heard  the word “job” used in a positive light unless it pertained to someone getting a better job (in which they’ll soon learn to hate) or they just got a job after being out of work for so long.  Those that do like their jobs, don’t think of it as a job, but part of their careers.  Their minds are set on building careers, not job-hopping.  Now, why as business owners would we care about jobs?  We’re self-employed.  We left our 9 to 5 jobs for something we believed was better.  But we’ll be — if we’re not already there — in a position to offer jobs; put people to work.  With all the hard work and sacrifices we’ve made to get our businesses up and running, do we really want to give someone a job in our company knowing there’s a high chance they’ll hate working for us or the company because it’s just  a job to them?  Skills gets someone a job, while talent creates careers.  Focus on recruiting talent.

Can’t.  Such a crippling word.  If we had a dollar for how many times we said “can’t” we wouldn’t need to be in business for ourselves.  But you don’t make money from can’ts.  There’s a lot of things we CAN’T do because we’ve already told ourselves we can’t.  But, what it we could?  What if we replaced “can’t” with “why haven’t we?” How many external “can’ts” have we’ve heard and endured?

  • You can’t start a business without money
  • You can’t go into business without education
  • You can’t be successful without being mean
  • You can’t trust people once you’re in business
  • You can’t rely on everyone to support your business

Which of these can’t have we’ve already disproved?  Can’t.  A useless word.   Anything that doesn’t offer value needs to be removed.

Money.  This is a frequently used bad word for all the wrong but common reasons.  I even used it when talking about “can’t”.  And that’s how bad “money” is.  It always creeps up.  Whether you’re talking about it with your bookkeeper, banker, investor, spouse or thinking it to yourself, money always creeps in.  Why?  There never seems to be enough of it.  Money goes out more than in comes in.  That creates bouts of worry.  Will we have enough money to make it to the next quarter?  Is there enough money to keep the business open?  Where is the money going to come from to pay this month’s notes and bills?  Money, money, money!  What we need to learn to do is focus more on resources than money.  We already know money comes and money goes, but resources, we can stockpile (oh, yeah, we can!).   There are a number of free and quality resources out there to help us better our businesses with little to no money.  We just have to know — or know someone who knows — where to look.  Money is a tool, not a force.

Just three little words and yet, behind them, they hold so much power that they create emotional stress, uncertain and doubt.  Are you going to let three little words doom your business or make a fool out of three little words?