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If We Had No Limits…

Sky Is The Limit

If we had no limits, how high would we reach?

How ambitiously could we soar?

What could stop us?  What could ground us?

Would we achieve every goal, live every dream?

Would we be our best and give our all?

If we had no limits, what would we envision?

What would we create?

Would we alter inspiration and redefine innovation?

Would we be another start-up, a Silicon Valley story?

Could we be a tech titan or an App ally?

Would the masses know our name , would the media our faces?

If we had no limits, would funding be an issue?

Would investors be needed?

Would we have to crowd-fund, would we dare to fund raise?

Would we know all the answers and have all the tools?

Would we be an overnight success or gradually build an empire?

Would we do it for the love of money or do it for love?

If we had no limits

Event: Los Angeles Speed Coaching

What: Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Speed Coaching Event


When: Tuesday, August 21, 2013


Time: 5:30-8:30 PM

Food & drink provided!


Where: LA Mart

1933 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90007





Since 2008, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program has been providing business owners in the food, beverage and hospitality industry with the essential ingredients to start, strengthen and grow their small businesses.


To learn more about Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream visitwww.samueladams.com/btad


































Learn the essential ingredients to get started, build on your success, and grow!


Last chance to sign-up for the August 21st Speed Coaching event in LA where you will have the opportunity to:
Learn about

  • Marketing & PR
  • E-Commerce
  • Packaging
  • Food Sourcing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Accounting and Financing…and more!
  • Network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Contact local organizations that support small business
  • Have a FREE business consultation with VEDC to learn how to access critical capital





Just come prepared with product and packaging samples andspecific questions that we can help answerVEDC will also be on hand to discuss how you can access capital for your food, beverage, or hospitality business.




{All information and images are credited to the VDEC}

Technology’s Killing The Entrepreneurial Youth

Let’s face it: Generation Y has become a little too complacent with the ease of technology that integrates itself in our everyday world.   And although late 20-somethings still remember what it’s like to push a button, many still prefer to swipe their finger.  To touch a screen.  And stay plugged in.  With all of technology’s attractive features and pretty colors, how could they resist? I’m not saying technology is completely bad (yet), and I’ve found many more small and micro-business owners embracing the tools that technology offers them, but all this wonderful advancement in technology is killing the genuine entrepreneurial spirit among younger generations.

I’ll be the first to admit, the phrase ‘The Kids Are Our Future’ has always sent shivers down my spine.  Something about the young and the restless’ half-cocked ideas doesn’t inspire much faith in the road ahead.  And it seems like the new ambition among the entrepreneurial youth is to build the next best app or mobile device.   To many, it makes the most sense, especially if that’s where their market is.  One would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a smart phone these days (although I can think of three right now).  But how logical does it seem to create another luxury item to an economy that is still in the beginning stages of recovery?  More importantly, how innovative is it to piggy-back?

Granted, there is nothing new under the sun, however, there is a decline of younger entrepreneurs stepping up to the plate for their chance at making a difference.  Is it because technology has already laid the foundation and what we see now is simply the house being built on top?  I think it’s because we as a society no longer are focusing on filling needs, but satisfying wants.  And as long as there are wants, there will always be a void.  And our youth (in the US) don’t know what it’s like to need so how could they possibly fill one.  At the swipe of their finger, they can get exactly what the want ordered or streamed live,  What else could they possibly dream of to better their lives or the lives of others?

Do we NEED another music app, social media platform, car service feature or method of paying for next Friday’s movie tickets?  These are the ideas that are swimming in the minds of Gen Y’s start-ups and business ventures.   But whose lives are they improving with their touch screen ideas?



How Does Your Business Grow?

Business Growth

With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maidens all in a row?  No, I think not.  But just like a garden, a business starts out as a seed, an idea in someone’s mind.  Then it is dug up with research and similar models that already exist.  It’s nurtured with sounding boards, moral support and feedback.  It’s watered with time, a business plan, capital , marketing and energy.  And when it’s ready to sprout, it’s launched.  But the growth process doesn’t stop there.  More time and planning and money and marketing continue to make the business grow.  And it grows roots before it grows branches.  It takes hold, it firmly digs in, and then it expands — from community to community, to region to coast.

What makes your business grow?  You.  And everything you put into it.  What you put into it is what you get out of — it’s not a cliché, but a fact.  You want to have a business that will stand the test of time?  Take time to build that business and think about the future as much as you think about the present.  You want to have a strong and loyal customer base?  Take interest in their needs and connect instead of transact.  Wanna make money with your business?  Remove your focus from money to the quality of your business.

How does your business grow?

How Does Your Business Grow 2

What Comes First: The Funding or The Planning?

For some of you, this is a no-brainer kind of question.  If we were on a game show, I would guess many of you would hit the buzzer for “planning”.  Duh!  It makes the most sense.  If there’s no plan in place, how can you ever fund the business?  But let’s change the scenario a bit — You have a great multi-dollar idea.  You don’t have all the details just yet and you definitely haven’t planned how this is all going to work out, but the idea is valuable.  To top it off, you’ve just landed yourself an investor!  You have a great idea followed by a great pitch.  After bouncing the idea off a few friends and family you now have someone who’s willing to invest.  Let’s morph this wonderfully ideal dream back into a bit of reality and say that the investor has agreed to fund the business but of course, wants a business plan, a proposal, a timeline (a deadline, really) and whatever else to assure him this is a lucrative and probable investment.  All from an idea.


Think of all the in-the-shower ideas we had come to us.  What if your multi-million idea was just like that?  An idea that  was born out of some repetitive task or inspiration brought on by frustration that anyone in their right mind would want to jump on and be a part of.   But while you’re lathering up and rising off, did you bother to figure out how to find the right manufacturer, or commercial slot or print ads in every national paper?  Probably not.  But you still have the idea.

What if you don’t have an idea for a product, but rather a service.  Manufacturers are not needed, neither is inventory or stock and overhead is probably much more manageable.  But a service idea is harder to picture than a product idea, which even in it’s conception phase can be sketched out.  Do you seeking funding for that idea first, or do you plan first?


Truth of the matter, there is no real easy answer or right decision, at least not across the board.  Some people are better at selling and others are better at planning.  Sellers will pitch to investors and planners with dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’.  It’s also probably best that if you have a service based business idea, that you prepare a plan, an outline of what it is, what’s provided and how to get it from conception to realization.  The same goes for if you have a product based business idea.  But unlike a service idea, sometimes a concept is enough to win over the masses and a few investors.  That that conception has to be something that can be actualized.  And don’t feel bad if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to write or focus too much on the itty-bitty details.  You can either outsourced that to someone else for a decent price or start building a team of people in which someone on your team can do that for you.  No matter what you idea is about, at some point planning is going to have to be involved and so will funds.  But in what you arrange them it’s up to and the idea.

{photo credits: dream designs and artur84 via freedigitalphotos.net}