Grants, Contests, and Money

If you’ve done your homework, you know that finding business grants can be an impossible task.  And between the confusion of what the SBA offers (which are only small business loans) and scams that promise to help you get that grant you need to start building the business of your dreams, it can feel almost hopeless.

Now, there aren’t a lot of companies, organizations and agencies out there offering money to first time business owners, start-up companies (without wanting equity or an ROI  in return) or people like you and me who could always use the cash flow to keep things afloat.  But there are some out there.  And the goal is to share them with you.  No fake or fraudulent posting and/or links will be added to this page.  Suggestions to possible legitimate grants and competitions for business owners will be taken in consideration if emailed to  The list may be short, but it’ll at least be honest and real.   Some may have deadlines as a part of a competition so be mindful of dates.  Wishing you all much success!

AMBER GRANT (Recurring monthly) – Targeted towards women who own their own businesses or starting one for the first time –

MILLER LITE SMALL BUSINESS COMPETITION (Deadline: August 1, 2013) – For aspiring entrepreneurs who work in teams of 5 – – EXPIRED!

BLOGENGAGE’S BLOGGING CONTEST (July 1st – August 15, 2013– This isn’t necessarily targeted towards business owners, however, if you a business blog with high quality content, this opportunity doesn’t hurt to go after.  6 prizes will be given out starting with $200 for first place. If you do not have a BlogEngage account, consider joining but understand that it is a paid service in which many bloggers use to promote their blog site.  And yes, you’ll find numerous small businesses promoting, sharing and linking their business blog to the site. – – EXPIRED! 

MANTA’S ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST (August 31, 2013) –  Probably one of the easiest contests I’ve stumbled across thus far.  Snap a picture of your favorite small business, share and include Manta in the tag and wait for the voting to begin – – EXPIRED!

INTUIT SMALL BUSINESS’ BIG GAME CONTEST (Deadline September 3, 2013) – Intuit is offering small businesses the opportunity to enter their contest for the chance to win weekly prizes including a $1000 grant as well as free commercial slot during next year’s SuperBowl, TV Advertising, and Freed Ad Credits from Google AdWords and Facebook. – – EXPIRED! 

Mission Main Street Grants Sponsored by Chase (Deadline October 31, 2013) Chase (bank) is giving away $3 million in grants to 12 small businesses (that’s $250,000 a piece) that make big impacts in their businesses and communities.  Winners of the Mission Main Street Grants also get to visit Google’s headquarters and work with Digital Marketing experts.  Applicants must collect a minimum of 250 Facebook votes to be entered into the competition.  – EXPIRED!

FEDEX Small Business Grant Contest  (Deadline February 9, 2014) – Fedex is giving away 10 grant prizes through their Grant Contest from now till the 9th of February.  Sign up with Fedex on their website @ and share your story. Then, share get others to vote for your story/ and business and see where you stand come February 9th!  The grand prize is $25,000, four (4) first place grants of $5,000 and five (5) second place prize of $1,000. — EXPIRED!

The (4th) Amazing Entrepreneur Contest (Deadline February 14th) – The Amazing Entrepreneur is a fairly new annual contested for already established and pre-venture businesses in Gwinnet County of Georgia; born out of the partnership between the SBDC and The University of Georgia.  This year’s sponsor is LAN Systems.  Prize packages include four (4) finalists that’ll win $500 strictly for business expenditures and a grnad prize of $5,000.  For more information for interested and applicable business participants, visit — EXPIRED!

2014 Small Business Chicago Online Marketing Contest (Deadline February 28th) – Office of the City Treasurer of City of Chicago is partnering up with Constant Contact to offer Chicago business owners a chance to win $3,000 and a year free account with Constant Contact.  Eligible participants must have ran an online marketing promotion during the stated period under the rules for entry.  2nd place prize is $1,500 and the 3rd place is $500.  For more information, please visit – EXPIRED!

Shopify(Deadline May 31, 2014) – All eligible applicants must create a shopify account in which they would entered in the competition based on their gross sales till the end of May.  The contest winner will receive up to $50,000,  a flight to New York and a well-know mentor from the category of your product.  For details, check out:

Staples Make Your Idea Happen Contest (Deadline February 3, 2014) – Got a big idea for your business?  Tell Staples.  They’re giving away $25,000 worth in products to the grand prize winner of their Make Your Idea Happen Contest.   First place winner gets $15,000, Second place winner gets $10,00 and 7 lucky runner-ups will get $5,000.  How to enter?  Create a title for your pitch, describe your pitch and submit your entry by 5:00pm EST on February 3rd.  For more information, visit  — EXPIRED!

Arch Grants Global Start Up Competition –(Deadline February 21, 2014) – A million dollars, $1,000,000, is being given away  to business in the St. Louis area or companies willing to relocate their business’ headquarters to St. Louis.  20 companies will have the chance to receive $50,000.  Candidate wills go through two rounds of selection before the winners are announce June 1st.  For interested businesses, visit for more information. — EXPIRED!

Inc.’s 35 Under 35 (Deadline February 21, 2014) — To celebrate their 35th anniversary, Inc. Magazine is changing it’s 30 under 30 to 35 under 35.  35 up and coming entrepreneurs under the age of 35 who are making waves and the scope of business within their industry and niche.  If you’re a entrepreneur under 35 and think it has what it takes to make Inc.’s list, apply at  Do be prepare to fill out information about your company including its founders, the mission and answer half a dozen short essays questions about the purpose and direction of your company. — EXPIRED!

Intuit’s Small Business Local Buzz Contest(Deadline: Final Deadline March 16th 2014 (multiple deadlines prior)) – 15 small businesses will win cash and product prizes from Intuit’s Small Business contest.  Prizes have rolling deadlines from now till March 16th, so make sure to enter early and keep an eye on your inbox as deadlines close to see if you’re one of the lucky contestants.  For more rules and to enter, visit: — EXPIRED!

Brothers Small Business Contest(Deadline: Final Deadline march 23rd 2014 (weekly winners)) — 3 Grand Prizes valuing over $10,000 and weekly winners till March 23rd, 2014.  Weekly winners will be emailed instructions on how to redeem their prize.  One entry form, for multiple chances of winning.  Easiest entry form, fill out your name, business email and business related info such as industry, size of the company and URL and describe your business and how Brothers Office Products would help you run your business.  To entry before the final deadline, go to!

5 Tips for $5,000 Business Contest(Deadline March 31st, 2014) — If you thought filling out the Brothers Small Business Contest form was easy, then try submitting just 5 tips and/ or lessons YOU’VE learned as business owner to other aspiring owners.  Business owners will have the chance to will $5,000 by submitting their 5 tips to start up businesses, along with their name and business info.  In addition, the winner will be spotlighted and presented with a unique virtual networking opportunity on’s website.  You only have till the end of the month and the winner will be announce in May 2014, so hurry up and visit to enter to win. — EXPIRED! 

The Wells Fargo Works Project (Deadline June 30, 2014) — Submit a video up to 2.5 minutes long or a written essay up to 600 words about the nature of your business for a chance to win $25,000 from Wells Fargo Bank.  This grant is open to business owners looking to establish a business, become a national brand, building customer loyalty, creating a marketing plan or even sell their business.  It’s not often that we find free money for business owners, and it’s less often that they require so little effort to obtain it.  Jump on it!  visit — EXPIRED!

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