To Be Great Is To Expand Your Scope

You wanna be a great writer — read.

You want to be a great actor — explore emotions.

You want to be a great singer — study music.

You want to be a great athlete — train your body. 

You want to be great in business — know your customer.

Expand Your Scope

So often what we think it takes to be great and successful is all about expansion.  A bad writer should never just keep writing.  They should also read; read the works of published and prolific authors and writers.   An actor/ actress should not just keep acting, but tap into as many emotions as possible.  Go to an actor’s studio and take classes.  The same applies for those in business.  We can’t keep opening up the store, setting up shop, and making transactions thinking one day our business will great.  We got to learn as much as we can about our customers, their preferences, their dislikes and their needs.  To be great in business is not coming up with the best invention, product or design, but convincing our targeted market it is the best because it’s what they’ve been looking for.  But we can only tell them it’s what they’ve been looking for if we already know what they want.  We have to know our customer.

But before you start a business at full speed heading no where fast, think about what it’ll take for you and your business to be great and successful.  Doing the same thing over and over again– we’ve already identified — is crazy!  How do you get better when the technique doesn’t change?  To be great, you have to expand the scope of your normal activity.  It can be life altering or it can present enough of a challenge.  It may mean reading, studying, training, taking classes, taking notes or starting over.  But to be great, doesn’t mean repeating useless tasks and detrimental patterns.  It’s means going further, looking farther.


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