Lucky In Business

Are you lucky in business? Or just very business savvy?

Is there such a thing as ‘luck’ when it comes to business?

Or just good common business sense?

How does one get lucky — how do we find it, attain it, created it, produce it, harvest it?

How does one get lucky in business?

If most businesses fail, how do we beat the statistics?

If all businesses struggle, how can we thrive?

How can we get lucky in business?

Lucky In Business

If Luck was attainable, there be no need for effort —

for strong will, or patience, or hard work, or determination

You could delegate everything to Luck and watch Luck go

But Luck wouldn’t work

Luck wouldn’t use a business plan or a financial forecast

or a marketing strategy

It wouldn’t try, it wouldn’t plan, it wouldn’t pith or raise

Luck would just wait — for a chance to be to lucky

It wouldn’t care about time or available resources

it wouldn’t care about savings or needed capital

Luck would just wait for — Luck

But if Luck ran a business, Luck would run out

Luck didn’t plan, or try, or pitch

It didn’t manage, or recruit or build

Luck just rested on the idea of lucky

And there’s no such thing as being lucky in business