The Seahawks Won!

…and frankly I don’t care.  That’s not to say that I wanted the Denver Broncos to win.  It’s just that I’m not a football in the least and definitely not someone who clings every year waiting for the next Super Bowl.  There’s something about freely giving up my precious time to hours of inactivity — especially watching television — that produces no return that boggles my mind.  It’s borderline absurd to know that millions of people do this everyday.  Well, not watching the Super Bowl because that’s an annul event, but throwing time and money away.  The winning team gets the rings and the fans get to fight traffic or clean up the house.  Sorry, but that’s not the kind of return I’m looking for on my time.

Listen, I watch TV too, I understand the need to unwind and let your mind not be “on” for awhile.  I also understand that time is my greatest asset and money is not too far down the list.  And I’m not special when it comes to that fact.  Time and money is valuable to everyone.  So, how is it people are willing to spend thousands of dollars (if they’re out of state, think of the travel, board and food as well as the tickets) to see a game in which no matter what team is the victor, they gain nothing –expect for being there. I’m not trying to be condescending here, I really want to explore what makes people give up — willingly, mind you — two very important aspects of their livelihood for nothing in hand.


I’m gonna simplify this in a manner that any football fan will hate my guts for — oh, well.  Deal.  What is the Super Bowl?  What makes the event so exciting that there’s buzz before, during and after it’s airing?  People will be talking about the game for weeks.  But why? Because of another wardrobe malfunction or Illuminanti suspicion? No.  Honestly, I think it’s because everyone wants to be a winner, even vicariously.  How many times have we heard “my team won” or “my team lost”?  Nobody I know owns a sports team unless they happen to know Mark Cuban, in which case, some elbows need to be rubbing right about now.  But attaching ourselves to a team or an organization gives a sense a victory when they win.  We see ourselves as winners too.

So how does the business owner rally fans like a Super Bowl team?  Do we have to create a buzz  or find well-known brand ambassadors?  Or do we simply just share our victories with our supporters?  Every time we win, our clients win, our customers wins.  Our employees should win too.  Success is shared.  Kicking butt is always fun, but so is winning.  And that’s what people gravitate towards — being a part of a winning team, winning by association.

But even the teams that don’t make it to the Super Bowl have fans.  Because they’re favorite — over another team, over another state — what have you.  Their fans believe they possess something no other team has and it’s more than the potential to win.

Be a favorite, rally fans and share your victories.  It seems easier in writing, but so does going to the Super Bowl, right?