Blog Topics For Your Business Are Easier to Find Than You Think

 I love online small business forum and bookmarking sites.  If you have the time, they are wonderful sources of information.  Other small business owners share their knowledge and expertise related to their respective field and this in turn help aspiring and new small business owners tweak and fine tune their operations.  Yet, there’s one element where small businesses  (especially really small businesses, like micro-businesses) struggle with in the social media outlet, “le blog”. 

You’ll find many sympathizers who will understand how difficult–challenging blogging can be.  Especially in the early stages.  No matter how gun ho someone might be about tackling this blogging world, ideas aren’t always easy to come by and many times are done over and over and over again (heck, even this one).  It all depends how on the writer ( slash business owner) is able to spin the topic and give it a fresh outlook.  But where do you find the ideas to even begin the process?  For starters, drop the cliques.  Don’t let anyone insult your intelligence by saying how you’ve got to think outside the box and let your creative juices flow.  What box?!  Is there an expiration date on those juices?  Despite the ambiguity, ideas for your business blog topics are everywhere else.  Literally.

The best business topics come from 3 sources: (1) Real experiences from your business (if you’ve been up and running for a while)  (2) Conversations you have  and (3) Observations you’ve made.  Just to be a little bit in everyone’s face, if you cannot find topics to blog about, your ears and eyes aren’t open.  Every time you speak with a prospect or current client/customer, there’s a topic right there. Just don’t drop any names or else you might be in hot water (at least, not without their expressed written permission).  Do you have friends or colleagues who are also business owners?  Blog topics are hidden there as well.  What about your experiences working with vendors?  Or, as a customer of another organization or company?  Why is that company a good fit for small business owners?  – TOPIC!  Why is it not a good company to do business with?  – TOPIC! How about when you’re driving around and you see a for sale sign on a vacant building or an empty lot.  Maybe you can move your business there and expand it.  It’s a great neighborhood, plenty of residential properties nearby, heavy foot traffic – TOPIC! 

So before you get dismayed with finding topics to write for your blog, just start taking notice of things you do everyday and the people you come in contact with. The little things that you do can be an inspiration for what you share.  There are hidden gems everywhere for you to write about, you just have to look around.


4 thoughts on “Blog Topics For Your Business Are Easier to Find Than You Think

  1. […] Blog Topics For Your Business Are Easier to Find Than You Think […]

  2. […] Blog Topics For Your Business Are Easier to Find Than You Think […]

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